Dining at Sioux Creek

At Sioux Creek Golf Course, we welcome you to experience dining on our beautiful patio, or inside by our fully stocked bar! We offer a variety of hearty drinks, including local beers and craft cocktails, inviting you to take a break, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a drink after a round of golf.

This space is not only for golfers but also for anyone looking to enjoy a meal in a laid-back, enjoyable environment that captures the local rustic charm.

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Weekly Special: Bloody Mary Weekender

Why limit happiness to an hour? Kick off your weekend mornings—or really, any time of day—with our signature Bloody Marys.

We’ve got a spot here where you can kick back and relax with a drink in hand. If you’re in the mood for something special, you’ve got to try our Bloody Marys! We’ve got two awesome kinds that are a big hit & available every Saturday & Sunday: 

  • Flamin’ Buffalo Blaze Bloody: This one’s for those who like it hot! Packed with a spicy kick, it’s like a little fire party in a glass.
  • The Sizzle & Spice Steakhouse Bloody: If you love the rich flavors of a steak dinner, this Bloody Mary is for you. It’s got deep, savory spices that remind you of your favorite steakhouse, all mixed into one delicious drink.

For an extra treat, enhance your drink with a Bacon Wrapped Firestick Fiesta Skewer, making your Bloody Mary not just a drink but a feast in a glass.

Come on down, grab a seat, and enjoy one of these fantastic Bloody Marys every weekend!

Our Menu Highlights

Our menu features homemade pizzas with a variety of fresh toppings, hearty sandwiches stacked with your favorite ingredients, and a selection of sides to complement any meal. The bar is fully stocked with everything from local brews to spirits, ensuring there’s a drink to match every dish and every mood.

Homemade Pizza: Fresh from the oven, with a variety of toppings to choose from.

Sandwiches: Stacked high and made to satisfy.

Sides: Perfect complements to any meal.

Full Bar: Featuring local brews, spirits, and more to quench your thirst.

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