Jay’s Covered Bridge

In June 2022, Bruce and Jay Slind sat at the clubhouse after the Spring Big Cup Tournament. Jay expressed his desire to make a donation to the course for something unique. From their conversation, Jay’s Covered Bridge was conceived.

Sioux Creek’s owners, Brad and Bruce had already committed to replacing the two bridges on the course. They worked with the bridge designer to adapt the longer bridge to accommodate the covered bridge. The design for the covered bridge evolved from extensive Google searches, discussions with Steve and Linda Slind, and many conversations and beers with Quinn Johnson.

Quinn had a precise vision for the bridge’s appearance, advocating for rough-cut pine rafters to achieve the desired effect. Not only did Quinn offer his design expertise, but he also undertook the role of builder, with support from his father, John, and sons, Drew and Nate. The team owes Quinn much appreciation for leading the project.

Sadly, Jay passed away before the bridge’s completion. A few days prior to his passing, Steve and Bruce finalized the design with him. He was excited for the project. Jay lived in LaCrosse but was a long-time fan of Sioux Creek. He loved to golf and would often stop in to play a quick 9 on his way to see family in Superior. It was quite a coincidence that Brad, Marlo and Bruce would buy the course he loved.

Jay’s memory lives on through his generous contribution. Prior to Jay’s Covered Bridge, Wisconsin housed only five covered bridges according to Wikipedia. Now, thanks to Jay’s enduring gift, there are six.